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- wow, how funny, I came here to look for a certain thread that has been burried for a couple weeks, p ...2003.08.23 23:12:00
- Yar :)hey Rix, missed ya bud......ohh and this ones for you EHHHH!? ...2003.08.09 00:31:00
- formally Vampire of new dawn and we are also in new dawn here -us server 6 of us.soooo, have you fou ...2003.08.08 18:42:00
- *pulls back cloak*Hey guys, good to see all you ex-JG players living it up in EvE. I went back for ...2003.08.08 02:41:00
- Edited by: netburnr on 31/07/2003 00:56:45 There ARE bugs, just because everyone doesn't notice the ...2003.07.31 00:56:00
- good stuff, needed the laugh thnx. :)and for all you naysayers, why don't you come up with some stuf ...2003.07.12 19:22:00
- Posted by Karash: <A group of punishers acting under good leadership is a group to be feared. It is ...2003.07.09 01:41:00
- -deleted, apologies to setec for complaining about a forum bug-As for the topic, .1 and up is empire ...2003.07.06 03:00:00
- hehe, my favorites are 3 and 4, good stuff :) ...2003.07.06 00:46:00
- *claps* keep up the good work :) ...2003.07.06 00:43:00
- I agree with the original poster. Shut up, put up, or get the **** out. If you can't handle the pr ...2003.07.06 00:41:00
- I think that the cargo container timer is just a cover up for a larger problem. Ships should not be ...2003.07.06 00:31:00
- Tristan your a joke. Would you rather play a game that hasnt patched in months? CCP is making prog ...2003.07.04 01:58:00
- Yeah, a Scanner skill that allows you to be able to warp to people outside your range would be nice. ...2003.06.15 19:15:00
- try the /win command darkwand ;) ...2003.06.14 21:37:00

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