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- No, a new player cannot (and should never) be able to compete with a player who has been in game for ...2009.05.21 01:44:00
- OP is talking about 1 of 3 things. Stealth Bombers dropping bombs, Smartbombs popping frigs, or Sen ...2009.05.21 01:39:00
- Those who fail to learn history's lessons are doomed to repeat the Mistakes.You should have seen t ...2009.04.21 14:53:00
- Classy decision to just keep all the assets and screw over the guys who actually kept this corp aliv ...2009.04.20 07:56:00
- Still have the box also, bit dusty but it does have the original manual in it ...2008.12.05 23:54:00
- Daily Bumpage ...2008.11.24 03:37:00
- Long version? Do a search on name change Short version? no ...2008.11.07 02:46:00
- Thnx DC, damn, just realized how long this game has been going on ...2008.10.18 03:06:00
- the gene pool in eve just went up 5 notches, as our friends disperse hopefully our good manners ru ...2008.07.19 06:47:00
- /me bumps the forums so this record will stop skipping.....Drop into the ingame chat > Shop@PPL wi ...2008.06.30 18:00:00
- Ive spent approx 2000 GBP over the years and was wondering if i will get anything from CCPYes, 5 Yea ...2008.05.08 17:08:00
- 5.7.03 19:40Damn I miss mining Ark in 0.5 systems =/ ...2008.04.28 05:23:00
- my... wot a big banner you have... Asked him to fix that =/ ...2008.03.20 15:47:00
- Oh crap, he boogered up the sizing ...2008.03.02 18:39:00
- I believe it is more of a situation that when you join said communist corp, you join for life. Anyth ...2008.02.24 20:18:00

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