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- bumb ...2007.11.04 03:06:00
- Edited by: Alien8 on 04/11/2007 03:09:28 Edited by: Alien8 on 04/11/2007 02:35:29 secure onlypost ...2007.11.03 22:53:00
- Hi, i want to send my character sheet to a friend and im wondering how i can copy it to a file or p ...2005.04.16 18:11:00
- Meowcat has it spot on, they will camp if there is any traffic and if there is just one exit/entry, ...2004.05.24 22:01:00
- Honor can exist amongst thieves and pirates its true and if we Zombies were to engage in taking pp ...2004.05.24 19:59:00
- Josh, as one who has been playing (apart from beta) the game since day 2 (i was stuck with black scr ...2004.05.24 19:10:00
- One thing about this "Ultimate setup for my Scorpion PLZ " or those threads, realize one thing, thos ...2004.05.01 19:57:00
- kill \o/ ...2004.04.19 15:02:00
- Josh, the options and possibilities for events is almost endless.When i first started playing EvE i ...2004.03.26 21:11:00
- Funny thing how they change something like this and not notify ppl. I would have liked to see a chan ...2004.03.20 02:20:00
- Im also wondering if we are getting BPs for the containers, i.e. giant secure and all those. ...2004.03.13 16:14:00
- Fetty, if you read the insurance agreement you might be a bit surprised.The insurance agreement read ...2004.03.12 16:59:00
- Well Wraeththu, there was no X involved, i simply loaned the character and account to a mate and he ...2004.03.11 22:55:00
- Edited by: Alien8 on 11/03/2004 22:42:50 Milo, it does say that, but it says nothing about the ship ...2004.03.11 22:41:00

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