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- Awesome job once again Mr. Rourke. Waiting on Clear Skies 3! ...2009.05.11 02:56:00
- Very impressed that someone took the time to make something like this. I downloaded it thinking it w ...2008.06.01 09:16:00
- Time flies when your having fun. Without all the enemies we have had through the years, Eve wouldn't ...2008.05.08 19:21:00
- Its ok Drakma, I still love ya, even if you still are a cranky old, gray-haired fart :) ...2007.07.25 12:16:00
- See ya Drakma. We had some fun. ...2007.05.21 07:22:00
- Edited by: Marcus Quo on 12/04/2007 07:13:12 First looking at the post I thought oh great another 1 ...2007.04.12 08:15:00
- did you just try to say?Better ask Steel Rat to draw your post out with crayonsAs per yo ...2007.04.10 12:11:00
- Last nite was 1 of those fights that hooks people on Eve. Lots of action, smack free and good kills ...2007.04.02 16:49:00
- DDC is currently recruiting PvPers. No minimum skills required, just the desire to work with a group ...2007.03.09 02:29:00
- To the OP: Interesting post even if your logic is somewhat flawed with regards to the Agro timer. Ca ...2007.02.18 11:55:00
- The HAC BPO is the Ishtar.As to where we are going, well, we are raising hell in providence currentl ...2007.01.09 03:03:00
- Bump! ...2007.01.07 20:57:00

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