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- The Black Market Hubs =====================A Black Market Hub is a deadspace area for buying and se ...2010.12.16 13:50:00
- HereIt should load all the models ok, there are issues with the little blinky lights not being posit ...2007.07.19 21:01:00
- I notice that a fiar number of ships are broken up into several .tri files, is there a way to combin ...2007.07.19 12:32:00
- Any progress? :) Nope, my account has been cancelled for a while, and I'm currently waiting for the ...2007.07.07 14:34:00
- Is there anyway to import these models into Maya/Alias/3dsMax? You need the TriExporter thread.Rega ...2007.02.12 21:37:00
- Yes that's right folks I'm off, again.It's been great being part of this community again, but Eve no ...2007.02.10 12:24:00
- Look pretty intresting. The Amarr and Minmatar mix makes sense. Also, don't forget, the Caldari secr ...2007.02.09 09:41:00
- Open GL is not dead,but unfortunatly soon will be. My understandng is that under Vista,there will b ...2007.02.08 09:41:00
- I also think the skin is pretty ugly, pure black skins take away the sexy detail of a ship, just loo ...2007.02.08 09:34:00
- Try one of these.The algorithm he linked to looks like it's A*.Regards elFarto ...2007.02.05 15:21:00
- "Anyone else had problems with vista loading this??"The viewer utilizes rather advanced version of o ...2007.02.05 09:37:00
- Edited by: elFarto on 04/02/2007 20:31:37 After reading all this, I downloaded the Ubuntu live CD, ...2007.02.04 19:46:00
- Yeah, the library is WinPcap, but you don't use it directly. The program I use is called Ethereal:h ...2007.02.04 16:56:00
- Thanks. This may be moot since I'm not using 3ds and am assembling by hand in Maya, but is there a ...2007.02.03 22:17:00
- Is there any reason some ships (like the Leviathan, Corvus and Storm) aren't showing up at all?The C ...2007.01.31 12:33:00

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