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- ingame channel is OC-Public. Great post Korath you beat me to the punch!! ...2003.09.26 12:19:00
- As stated in the subject, Lustrevik is a black hole, myself and many others are stuck there please h ...2003.09.21 09:06:00
- We are biding our time out here in Stain, with all the civil unrest out there its better for us to l ...2003.09.17 09:49:00
- Yep Stain is going strong! We might be quiet out here, but thats only because we are always busy. ...2003.09.17 06:37:00
- its because they arent actually playing the game, but letting it play itself for a few hours while t ...2003.09.04 00:11:00
- working FoF would close the gap between minmatar/caldari ships and other races. even if you were jam ...2003.09.02 19:03:00
- arma doesnt need another mid slot, it already has 8 high and 8 low. any more and it would be too pow ...2003.09.02 04:46:00
- great post, although i give it about 5 minutes before someone comes in here and starts calling peopl ...2003.09.02 02:00:00
- no, i think the timing is right. i wouldnt want a proximity based smartbomb... thats just stupid. pe ...2003.08.31 20:34:00
- uh, kimi, a raven has 665 cargo. in that you could put 66 torpedos, or 133 cruise missiles.. each H5 ...2003.08.31 20:30:00
- ok kimi, well lets let tomB put cruise missiles and torpedos into uber super damage mode. that way, ...2003.08.30 22:09:00
- quiz, i did that with my tachyon beams, 4x tachyon 6x extruded heatsink. however, i dont have *ANY* ...2003.08.30 21:21:00
- Edited by: Digital Sin on 30/08/2003 20:25:33 triniton, maybe for you. i just ran off 1200 cataclys ...2003.08.30 20:24:00
- well, i can tell you now- if a jump drive cannot fit on my battleship i would be damned if it could ...2003.08.30 15:48:00
- i agree. megathron looks like crap. (texture wise)my apoc is pretty damn sharp, the raven is decent ...2003.08.30 15:41:00

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