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- Edited by: Koda on 17/12/2003 15:27:30 I could see a tactic where campers use a frigate to "hook" i ...2003.12.17 17:27:00
- *58008*Sorry - had to do it. It's only a shame you're only going up to a million or I could have go ...2003.07.30 21:50:00
- I don't think anyone would argue that a force of 10 battleships fighting 10 cruisers is going to loo ...2003.07.25 17:59:00
- It's about time somebody said it. 'Freedom Fighters'? Freedom from what? It's a long, long time s ...2003.07.25 15:06:00
- Ah - just reading on another thread about this issue that clearing cache works if you also delete pr ...2003.07.25 13:48:00
- Hmm - had the same problem myself since yesterday. Started when I docked at a Luminaire station. ...2003.07.25 13:24:00
- Well, whenever this happens it makes a mockery of the persistent m0o claims to just want a good, cha ...2003.07.21 11:50:00
- I'm not sure if I remember it all right, but I thought that if someone opens fire on you first - eve ...2003.07.21 11:17:00
- I can't see it being a station - that seems a little unadventurous given that two sovereign states w ...2003.07.20 09:44:00
- What is it they say? The map is not the territory.The only way to gain reliable information is to b ...2003.07.20 09:09:00
- Gone for a Ulyssean theme:Ibis: Ulysses' Rest Bantam: Charybdis Kestrel: Farewell to Troy Merlin: ...2003.07.18 12:24:00
- Wow! Three pages so far of miners, traders and pirates sharing stories without *****ing about each ...2003.07.11 07:50:00
- >"So lots of us spend our time slowly outfitting our ships.. But Mo0 got there first, and look.. t ...2003.07.08 15:30:00
- >"But the stations CCP is implementing are full featured, hulking monsters that they claim would tak ...2003.07.08 14:35:00
- I'm so enjoying this thread :)About a month ago, I remember, when m0o was starting to kick off their ...2003.06.27 16:06:00

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