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- 1.15b, **** ...2011.08.06 01:40:00
- I bid 1.1b ...2011.08.06 01:29:00
- LOL i kinda remeber posting that!God i was a duche back then!! ...2011.02.04 18:39:00
- god this sounds like a mass effect quest.I LOL'd ...2011.02.04 18:35:00
- I wish i was as hot as Cate Blanchett ...2011.01.25 02:06:00
- Yeah i forgot i have an ATI card, whoops, thansk for the link. ...2011.01.20 07:01:00
- I made this really hot chick, but when i saved it she looked skank nothing like the beauty i spent h ...2011.01.20 06:35:00
- Ok this is really annoying if i tab out of eve it dims windows down its really weird and hard to exp ...2011.01.20 06:31:00
- And the spinning head is still the best intro / selection screen... bring it back!Wow I had complete ...2010.06.06 21:55:00
- Not being able to access Market in space.Thats one of the changes for good!! hehe ...2010.06.06 21:42:00
- PVP when there were no T2 ships except interceptors.Most fun I ever had in Eve...Cruise Crows were t ...2010.06.06 21:08:00
- I got the HTC Desire, Europe and Asia's N1Really nice Phone, try out the Aura App i think youll like ...2010.06.04 23:02:00
- Weird you musta posted this while i was writing my post hehe! red glowing dust is a fave of mine als ...2010.06.04 22:57:00
- Ive been playing EVE since Open Beta, alot has changed in this time, some good some bad but mostly g ...2010.06.04 22:45:00
- Edited by: Hanns on 06/08/2009 17:19:47 I just got the demo and its just what ive been waiting for ...2009.08.06 16:59:00

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