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- are instructions for how to ...2007.10.24 21:27:00
- There is a cache cleaner built into the client now, it's in the esc menu under 'reset settings' - 'r ...2007.09.19 10:57:00
- The thing to be done about Jita is DON'T GO TO JITA!! ...2007.09.18 18:34:00
- Billions and billions are not worth anything if you never take any risks, the fact that you have bil ...2007.06.23 05:01:00
- Self sufficient 0.0 corp looking for self sufficient 0.0 players that want to have fun.Contact me in ...2007.06.23 04:47:00
- Quiet home in 0.0 ?!??!Ok, I guess I can try to comply with that.No, no I can't. Quiet is no fun.Con ...2007.06.23 04:39:00
- Industrial based corp looking for 0.0 capable players willing to have fun in PvP from time to time. ...2007.06.23 04:35:00
- Edited by: Jade Vendetta on 22/06/2007 13:31:28 HeyaBeen playing with my current characters for mor ...2007.06.23 04:11:00
- Send me a mail in game if you are interested in joining a mature and well established corp that is i ...2007.06.23 04:02:00
- Contact me ingame if you are interested in getting more beer and all that other good stuff.IAC has n ...2007.06.23 03:54:00
- I think you'd fit right in with The Fated, industrial powerhouse that recently moved into 0.0 and is ...2007.06.23 03:47:00
- The Fated is a well established and mature corp that has some of the highest skillpoint players in t ...2007.06.19 23:04:00
- Capitalists welcome, The Fated do not require you to help them, just to have fun. We recently joined ...2007.06.19 22:13:00
- Hi there, Fated is recruiting to expand PvP wing for 0.0 ops. We're currently in the process of movi ...2007.06.19 21:56:00
- Any chance of adding RP's needed per Datacore info into this? I've been scouring the forums for this ...2007.05.28 23:01:00

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