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- Vanity only ...2011.06.28 17:31:00
- Edited by: Milk on 25/04/2011 11:17:06 Milk is bad for you…Lies! ...2011.04.25 11:14:00
- Edited by: Milk on 13/09/2009 13:09:24 1 gtc for sale at 600 mil, secure trade only. reply here or ...2009.09.13 12:45:00
- Sadly I didn't get a pic, but this has happened a few times where a person in the overview is red bu ...2007.11.17 12:28:00
- Passive set up just doesn't cut it in a BS.Here is my mission set up.. not had any problems with thi ...2007.08.24 07:42:00
- Think I got sold on webbing drones :)Time for another few months of skills then lol. ...2007.08.22 18:23:00
- For fighting non-capital ships, though, they're not best suited. Carriers are better at it.I thoug ...2007.08.22 14:43:00
- Nice advice.. tbh the idea was to chase after BS and other Capital ships. ...2007.08.22 14:42:00
- I feel like a newbie again... or perhaps I never grew out of it, but I have no idea about captial sh ...2007.08.22 14:33:00
- Hi there,I'm interested in this char. Please contact Milk in game with details. Many thanks ...2007.07.08 11:09:00
- Problem is.. you have to shield tank a Raven if your gate camping and getting sentry fire. And at l ...2007.06.18 19:01:00
- Edited by: Milk on 04/10/2006 20:53:00 Is this rare? Seems to me that it is, but its hard to find ...2006.10.04 20:52:00
- I agree, PvP blows in EVE due to not being able to find ones enemy in a system.Its just to boring tr ...2003.12.05 09:09:00
- no, seriously now, it's not really about what everyone enjoys... It's about what this game is about ...2003.12.04 17:21:00

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