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- What looking at the clock is too difficult ? ...2005.02.24 23:11:00
- It maybe rounded to 10.0 but it's impossible to truly reach 10.0The agent quality only goes so high ...2005.02.24 20:51:00
- You can't ever truly reach 10.0 and you get nothing for having a high standing. ...2005.02.24 17:51:00
- You might wanna tell people the clause up front. This way people can decide if it's worth them biddi ...2005.02.23 16:24:00
- Hmm you might be right about that. I was at work when I wrote it so I wasn't 100% sure. ...2005.02.22 19:18:00
- Before you warp to the mission point, right click in space and you should have 1 bookmark for each e ...2005.02.22 18:08:00
- My guess is that different people write different parts of the mission brief.Like sometimes the amou ...2005.02.22 16:08:00
- I actually had a surprise yesterday when a cruiser from a lvl3 deadspace mission dropped a 350mm Rai ...2005.02.22 15:38:00
- I guess it just musta been one of those glitches. A nice GM reset the mission for me and it worked f ...2005.02.21 21:24:00
- I just got the mission entitled "Duo of Death", which I have done countless times before. However on ...2005.02.21 20:56:00
- 3mil and a cookie...infact just 3mil - I ate the cookie :D ...2005.02.03 15:46:00
- I did a Storyline Mission for a lvl3 agent last night and got a +3 Willpower Implant. Good thing was ...2005.02.03 15:37:00
- Take the other day, I get a mission called "Angel Surprise" or somethin. I'm supposed to kill one fr ...2005.02.03 13:27:00
- I've put it on the market in Lonetrek for 76mil.Hopeing for a quick sale ;) ...2005.02.02 19:42:00
- I'll keep it sweet and simple.Looking to sell a +3 Willpower Implant. Willing to deliver to somewher ...2005.02.02 19:03:00

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