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- This one time, I cleaned a plate that wasn't really all that dirty. DOES THAT BLOW YOUR WORLD AWAY?! ...2010.12.04 16:01:00
- Consider M. Corp, and allow me to be your level 6 agent - I have plenty of missions for you which in ...2010.12.03 21:59:00
- Should I know who you are? Nope but you should also not care.Stuff, hand it over. I think he lost ...2010.12.03 17:25:00
- . ...2010.11.27 20:40:00
- Edited by: TekRa on 27/11/2010 02:44:32 Edited by: TekRa on 26/11/2010 10:01:52 Hi folks, I'm retu ...2010.11.26 10:00:00
- Remove WTZ :)God, no! It was an absolute nightmare organising all those bookmarks pre-wtz. then some ...2010.08.27 12:31:00
- Perhaps... I remember a time when I bought 60 days for 280mil.There was also a time when a litre of ...2010.08.21 12:15:00
- So many nerds who talk about computer screens instead of car enignes in here.. jesus christ.Because ...2010.08.21 12:11:00
- Edited by: Aessoroz on 20/08/2010 18:36:14 Welcome to the internet! If you would like to file a pet ...2010.08.20 18:50:00
- um, and you're playing eve/posting on the forums? ...2010.08.14 23:06:00
- The ones that are real have the most impact, forgive the pun. The others are just too fake, I don't ...2010.08.14 23:02:00
- Blackburn, Lancashire.Reason: to increase the average human intelligence by around 10-15 IQ points.I ...2010.08.14 22:54:00
- It is still a diffent thing, because the you do not play the same content. PvP is mostly in special ...2010.08.14 22:46:00
- mission elsewhere? I hardly ever have ninja-salvager or looters in my missions. You're most likely i ...2010.08.14 22:01:00
- working as intended. ...2010.08.07 17:32:00

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