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- i can offer you 3bil. please convo me ingame if you want to talk more ...2006.05.23 17:28:00
- Edited by: foster on 25/05/2005 23:31:53 open corp. go to politics. go to sanctionable actions. che ...2005.05.25 23:31:00
- i would send a mail to about Credit card / payment info. forums are not reall ...2005.05.25 23:27:00
- if you are a director you have all roles and access anyways. so that isn't a problem. could it have ...2005.05.25 23:25:00
- Edited by: foster on 25/05/2005 23:16:27 was your account active around jan/feb time. if not thats ...2005.05.25 23:16:00
- i would read ...2005.04.26 14:04:00
- For some reason eve and Soundblasters dont mix too wellCEO Pyrex Lord of the Dancei always have 2 ...2005.04.26 13:57:00
- have you tried checking your isp. a friend kept losing his eve, checked into it and it was a problem ...2005.04.26 13:52:00
- i'm a electrician, if i do some work at someone's house and they change it them selfs, then all insu ...2005.04.26 13:49:00
- totally unfair to the American players to do this 3 times while we are at work. Please have a ship r ...2005.04.08 18:31:00
- Edited by: foster on 04/04/2005 10:38:43 there was a mirror in JAN i think. if so you account was d ...2005.04.04 10:38:00
- need more info to help really. whats your specs are you running else at the same time, ie. second a ...2005.04.04 10:25:00
- other than the server problems over easter, i have been having no problems at all for some time now. ...2005.04.04 10:21:00
- i doubt eve uses 1gb per day. i bet over 24 hours eve doesn't even use half that. ...2005.03.31 13:42:00
- i have not had a problem with the stability of eve for a while now, other than the recent hardware f ...2005.03.30 11:19:00

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