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- Hi, Looking for something different when i came across your post and your setup looks very interes ...2011.06.08 06:24:00
- A small nudge to the top of the pile, well for a few seconds anyway.Thanks for the replies and convo ...2010.10.10 06:38:00
- Been absent from eve for 10 months and want to get back into 0.0 action.Looking for a stable 0.0 cor ...2010.10.09 06:07:00
- Spent a long time in that Corp, great bunch of guys. ...2009.04.10 09:15:00
- Ok managed to get back to 0 sps by pausing the skill, but have still lost 3 lvl's of amarr bs and as ...2009.03.12 10:50:00
- Let me set the scene,Yesterday after finally installing the patch, i thought what a good idea to use ...2009.03.12 10:01:00
- As we are all getting anally retentive, i thought i'd add my bit, i was looking at the 80% bob pictu ...2008.09.30 14:28:00
- Splag is a star, he is always there for corps members, I left Tides but came back as i just did'nt g ...2008.08.26 16:55:00
- Edited by: juxta on 12/05/2007 10:54:53 just sharing a story, the crash/logoff part doesnt change a ...2007.05.12 10:57:00
- Edited by: juxta on 12/05/2007 10:23:09 Helloi am not used to post on this forum, however i will do ...2007.05.12 09:56:00
- Interested in a Thanatos with the following items:5 Einherj 5 firbolg 5 Dragonfly1 Capitol Armour ...2006.12.19 06:12:00
- Corps has been chosen and thanks for the interestJuxta ...2006.11.22 14:17:00
- 33 Mil SP UK based player looking for a new challenge, I can fight mine and run missions. I am looki ...2006.11.18 22:20:00
- i bagsie Jita ...2006.04.22 19:40:00
- blacklight did it to cause lag intentionally.He also kills old people, eats babies, kicks puppies, a ...2006.04.15 18:29:00

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