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- Obviously the best thing to do is post.Never stop posting. ...2011.07.20 21:32:00
- I'd trust nync with all my isk ingame any day. Also he's not wrong he's literally always online. ...2011.07.18 21:45:00
- Edited by: Bumrush on 15/07/2011 16:46:08 Come up north sometimeIf someone would by my Hulk in Bran ...2011.07.15 23:16:00
- I'm sure Mostly Harmless fought tooth and nail to very last....Confirming they fight like tigers.. ...2011.07.14 11:48:00
- fight us dbrb you cowardmy drake could beat up your drake bromajere*gets hotdropped by a dozen super ...2011.07.14 11:26:00
- Edited by: Helen on 28/06/2011 21:38:26 retracted ...2011.06.27 21:58:00
- Hey Gaz ...2011.06.15 14:31:00
- Didn't someone already do the whole borg gimmick before? I'm old and tired so my memory is hazy but ...2011.06.15 02:54:00
- I feel like we can never repay you Btw your sig needs updatingI'm going retro classic with my sigs ...2011.06.10 11:23:00
- Edited by: Blazde on 10/06/2011 10:28:43 The NC is dead, and Helen is still trying to be bitter at ...2011.06.10 11:05:00
- Riveting.Please post an update for all of us the next time you jump into another system and observe ...2011.06.10 08:52:00
- Edited by: Markis Silvairi on 09/06/2011 23:30:52 Although I get the feeling the real reason NC mem ...2011.06.10 08:49:00
- It's like being teleported back to that time in 2007 when a handful of people still thought carrier ...2011.06.09 23:12:00
- Although I get the feeling the real reason NC members are resubbing is so they can firesale their st ...2011.06.09 23:09:00
- Edited by: farqar on 07/06/2011 06:48:31 I hate to burst your Snot bubble but most of NC i have spo ...2011.06.08 17:46:00

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