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- All lies i have titan kills that havent been posted. ...2011.09.05 16:01:00
- o/ Bump for a great corp ...2011.08.11 00:50:00
- Vouched Good guy/pilot if you want action hes all for it men and women has horrible taste in music ...2010.08.11 17:59:00
- I havent replied on a forum thread in years but after reading this BS i have to rage a bit. some o ...2010.04.26 00:30:00
- Accept it RISK you got pwnd and what did you expect? Blame Canada or blame drones for all i care,yo ...2005.10.23 13:50:00
- I am looking for a PvP Alliance.BoB is very appealing contact me ingame or by eve mail. ...2005.09.04 16:06:00

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