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- Well when we talked about it I suggested this variation.Make it something like the Empresses superwe ...2010.11.06 18:31:00
- Thank you Lord Vaari. Your apology is noted and accepted. I'm sure we are all glad to put these ev ...2010.08.31 18:28:00
- To answer some of the points raised here and clear the air a bit a rare CVA announcement.We did not ...2010.07.24 14:02:00
- Congratulations El'Tar. I never doubted your prowess on the field of battle, I suspect few do. Mor ...2010.05.18 11:56:00
- Having given it a lot of thought - you guys have my support. Hope to see you up there kicking butt. ...2010.05.07 19:40:00
- God does not give victory for free to the faithful. What then would be the point of the Universe if ...2010.05.07 14:54:00
- I look forward to the day you realise you totally screwed up the game with Dominion. In the meantim ...2010.03.05 17:28:00
- CVA and Allies have a long history of trying to keep Providence safe for neutral traffic.However we ...2010.02.27 16:07:00
- Congratulations Admiral Ruah Piskonit. May your service to God and Empire by as noble and as succes ...2010.02.27 13:25:00
- Or maybe we can just stop being complete morons about it. Case and point- whose idea was a 1500+ fle ...2010.02.13 15:26:00
- Thank you all for your comments. I'll just make a brief comment about the concerns people have about ...2010.02.08 12:13:00
- Edited by: Aralis on 04/02/2010 15:51:24 Ah so our disaster there didn't just happen. CCP engineer ...2010.02.04 15:50:00
- My main reaction to this patch is total and utter hate. But before I launch onto that I must credit ...2009.12.14 11:33:00
- Since we've gone almost two weeks without answers to our basic concerns (risk vs reward out of balan ...2009.11.18 05:10:00
- If you're going to let motherships dock I think you should only let them dock in outposts. Not in E ...2009.11.17 02:34:00

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