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- Dunno mate. Have you tried it again with less text?A good tip is to type all your text in the basic ...2005.02.23 09:29:00
- Anyone else having the same problem?I been trying many times to log into main server this morning fr ...2005.02.23 09:23:00
- This kinda reminds me back when cruise missiles were nerfed on cruisers, and I had a similar thought ...2005.02.03 12:37:00
- A corp mate once said "hey Gee, nice BS btw", as I dropped out of warp next to him in my Mammoth. "T ...2004.07.26 23:03:00
- Updated: 1. Bellicose got missile explosive dmg as 2nd bonus 2. Rupture got projectile optimal a ...2004.07.24 21:24:00
- Edited by: Gee Man on 24/07/2004 21:14:19MinmatarScythe Existing: 5% bonus to Projectile Turret fir ...2004.07.24 20:41:00
- Alrighty, I have my Shiva Client all updated and ready for action.Now, if only we could log onto the ...2004.05.15 14:08:00
- Quite easy to work out, average skill points gained is ca. 1 million SP a month, with more specializ ...2004.05.13 18:05:00
- Why encourage lamers to hog labs and sell them? Just don't give them the business. All those people ...2004.05.13 15:55:00
- I'm using an Elite (highest) clone and gaining around 1.1+ million points a month average (that shou ...2004.05.10 11:36:00
- Edited by: Gee Man on 07/05/2004 03:32:24 Two ideas on music and sound:First Idea: I really t ...2004.05.07 03:29:00
- Edited by: Gee Man on 07/05/2004 03:13:37 It's pretty keen. I'm thinking in the line of: lighter mi ...2004.05.07 03:12:00
- How about a special simulated system at a special starbase. So it basically puts you in a simulation ...2004.05.07 03:03:00
- lol Ryan.But I like the warp-in spawn, that would seem more realistic, and make CCP the first to get ...2004.05.07 02:58:00
- Hey Anjelle, I had the same idea, the only work-around until then though is to post yourself an eve- ...2004.05.07 02:52:00

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