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- I'm the one with the cigarette ...2004.10.22 10:10:00
- Edited by: Jay Gatsby on 22/10/2004 09:53:03 No, perfectly sensible.And you're currently training y ...2004.10.22 09:44:00
- Never mind emissaries - which queue do I join to become a candidate? ...2004.10.14 20:27:00
- Rumour has it that the "prize" on offer to the winner of the Gallente "championship" will be a Tech ...2004.09.30 15:24:00
- I smell foul play afoot.No. That's just my socks. <italian>On my afoot.</italian> Damn you Iratus ...2004.09.24 13:36:00
- It was never Moon mining - it's m0o mining. Eve will never be the same again. ...2004.09.24 10:05:00
- Top marks all round. The sun is shining, people are being nice to each other: it must be Friday.Nice ...2004.09.24 08:56:00
- Funnily enough, I was talking about this last night to some of my corpmates during a mining session. ...2004.09.24 08:46:00
- Edited by: Jay Gatsby on 22/09/2004 17:06:00 wren was asked by others to create this thread so plea ...2004.09.22 17:02:00
- N00bs already get starter packs. Each one is shrink-wrapped and contains a shiny new n00bship, a tea ...2004.09.20 17:11:00
- Gone for 15mill to Nwish. Contact me to make arrangements.- Jay. ...2004.09.19 10:31:00
- Looking for a career in research? Sure you are, and I've got just what you need to get you started: ...2004.09.19 00:58:00
- Make it 10 mil and you have yourself a sale, Bsport. Mail me in-game if you want it...- Jay. ...2004.09.19 00:44:00
- Edited by: Jay Gatsby on 19/09/2004 22:21:10 Looky looky! What have we here? It's only a fantastic ...2004.09.16 15:03:00

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