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- They cost around 35-37m depending on zyd/mega price. ...2003.08.25 17:22:00
- Unfortuantly, you can only "Cancal" a petition, if it has not been claimed by someone in player supp ...2003.08.25 14:27:00
- Edited by: Diaego on 25/08/2003 14:21:43 Hey Skaz, thanks :)There is reason there's not much Polari ...2003.08.25 14:21:00
- Edited by: Diaego on 25/08/2003 13:44:27 How much does a terrorist pay? 1k-2k?In a 0.4 system, they ...2003.08.25 13:43:00
- Diaego, good for you to explain and taking a more active role in this matter.No problem :) Now i m ...2003.08.25 13:25:00
- A few 100k? Hendrix pointed out it takes him 4.4 million in minerals to make one and with an after i ...2003.08.25 12:13:00
- I fully understand what you are saying Probe but, we have to follow the rules quite strictly here. B ...2003.08.25 12:04:00
- wow , you are more ugly than i am :)I think I win the ugly award, actually ...2003.08.25 11:12:00
- Good information. Thanks for posting, Scarlet Dresari! ...2003.08.25 10:56:00
- As Orestes kindly quoted, these players are delt with as soon as they are reported to us.If you know ...2003.08.25 10:45:00
- I was hunting today in a 0.6 system when I encountered an Amarrian mining in Minmatar space.He asked ...2003.08.25 10:34:00
- Strange. Okay technically you are not 'stuck', but in your shoes, I would have filed this under the ...2003.08.25 10:26:00
- The current system at the moment, only allows at the most, a few 100K ISK profit... The time it take ...2003.08.25 10:14:00
- Just to confirm, we have received the bug reports regarding this problem, and a fix is on the way. ...2003.08.24 08:22:00
- Anyone heard??? *HOAX*!! :DI can assure you Worm.Sobig.F is not a hoax. lol. ...2003.08.22 20:10:00

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