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- This whole 'who is the new IT' thing needs to get resolved real soon 'cos I got so much fanboi juice ...2011.05.05 22:21:00
- Edited by: SirMolle on 24/12/2010 19:31:29It's that time of year again, and a time of traditions.Eve ...2010.12.24 18:59:00
- Excuse me?Are you trying to give me bad conscience that we are NOT supporting you, after YOU reset u ...2010.09.11 17:40:00
- Well, one thing is for certain - we wont be there.View Poll Results: Help Atlas? This poll will c ...2010.08.21 17:29:00
- Never drink anything Verone offers you. Ever. ...2010.07.04 19:28:00
- Edited by: SirMolle on 07/06/2010 04:28:42 Country: Finland IngameName: Kuolematon IngameCorporat ...2010.06.06 09:12:00
- Country: Germany IngameName: Wenona IngameCorporation: The ExecutivesCountry: Denmark IngameName: ...2010.05.29 08:01:00
- Country: Netherlands IngameName: GS Armada IngameCorporation: Dark RisingCountry: Finland IngameN ...2010.05.26 19:05:00
- Country: Denmark IngameName: Valerius IngameCorporation: The CollectiveCountry: the Netherlands I ...2010.05.05 11:32:00
- Forums added to the BBQ site Use this for coordinations and just gen ...2010.04.22 09:29:00
- Country: Norway IngameName: Vazsholik IngameCorporation: BNCCountry: Norway IngameName: Vaffel ju ...2010.04.18 08:29:00
- Is it acceptable to "Crash the party" as we call it? Not pay any sleeping reservations but show up a ...2010.04.18 08:24:00
- Ive had a long and heartfelt talk with Manny last night... unfortunately this is all true.They are o ...2010.04.15 07:44:00
- Country: Argentina IngameName: Sky'stale IngameCorporation: Dark Knights of denebCountry: uk Inga ...2010.04.13 17:55:00
- . We need some epic muzak, and some epic probing, and some epic scheemings to be complete. Viceroy ...2010.04.13 10:42:00

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