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- Can I request an addition to the API whereby an account can be queried to see how long is left for i ...2011.08.11 22:47:00
- * Exploration - PLEASE auto-stack probes when they are recalled after a scan ...2011.02.19 22:00:00
- I have had a bug report for this one sitting in the BH queue for...ooohhh...months without any usefu ...2011.02.16 12:25:00
- I am amazed that nobody else has said this yet. Reading through the blog it sounds like the team is ...2010.09.25 12:23:00
- Yup, analysis complete. No cause for alarm. The system is working as intended. Please move along. ...2010.01.25 15:12:00
- THIS POST ONLY APPLIES TO UPGRADES SYSTEMS WITH PIRATE DETECTION ARRAYSHas anyone out there managed ...2010.01.21 17:57:00
- why are these still in game? The last time anything interesting or new happened with them was about ...2009.12.27 15:45:00
- After the Dominion patch I ran an exploration complex and and had an expedition spawn. However, the ...2009.12.15 14:10:00
- I can no longer press return to enter values into a pop-up window. For instance, before the patch if ...2009.12.02 00:49:00
- Edited by: Sabahl on 21/11/2009 23:18:59 It's not only enough, it's more than enough. With Diplomac ...2009.11.21 23:17:00
- Do the Angels lub me enough then? I want a Domination Ragnarok pwease... ...2009.08.31 22:39:00
- Yay! An expansion name I don't need to google or dust off a bible to get....Wait a second what am I ...2009.08.31 22:36:00
- I found a WH last night which had numerous signatures in it. On of them proved to be unscannable. ...2009.03.18 08:59:00
- What sort of firepower are people needing to take out the grav and mag sites though?The one I heard ...2009.03.14 11:33:00
- What sort of firepower are people needing to take out the grav and mag sites though? ...2009.03.14 11:24:00

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