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- Thanks, another question, do I have to reset research on an agent in order for its new quality to up ...2007.09.28 03:21:00
- EVE-Online Agent finder has 9 level 4 research agents for mechanical engineering and I wonder if its ...2007.09.28 02:45:00
- Edited by: Mogrin on 20/09/2007 21:27:07 rather play it safenice app ...2007.09.20 16:29:00
- Im farming faction for a particular corp and the best way is to use this one agent. I hardly need v ...2007.09.19 22:53:00
- Whats bandwidth? Ships getting larger bays? ...2007.09.19 21:01:00
- So I was doing a lvl 3 Angel Extravaganza in lowsec yesterday and forgot my tag for the final stage. ...2007.09.19 17:29:00
- A bunch of perverted freaks, we are! .. I RIGHT BEHIND YOU .. *drool* ...2007.08.06 17:02:00
- i dont htink the idea was for 15man corps to come topple a 1000+ man alliance....If a 1000+ man alli ...2007.07.17 14:19:00
- Well it will probably come up many times till the DEV'S or CCP finaly let us know THEIR plans for th ...2007.07.17 00:59:00
- That sucks. But you chose the wrong side. You're doomed. ...2007.07.17 00:19:00
- Some of us want to use our Gunnery skills past BSes. On something other than a Titan. Dreads don't c ...2007.07.17 00:00:00
- Heavy Recon would be stupid. A cloaking Harbinger???No.How about a ship class that gets bonuses to t ...2007.07.16 01:37:00
- No we don't. What do we need better battleships for? You have a top and you have a bottom. Battles ...2007.07.15 22:32:00
- Battleships are the top, they are the best damage dealers and tankers. Tech 1 frigates are the bo ...2007.07.15 22:27:00
- 21million ...2007.07.15 19:30:00

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