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- The testserver has always been that way.for as long as I remember.I've been in this game for 7 years ...2011.05.16 23:16:00
- Troll and a LOL failed fit ...2011.04.22 20:08:00
- 1.Me 2.So 3.Horny ...2011.04.21 04:54:00
- i have the iclone lite for my iphone 4,shows all the skills and shows the skill im sho ...2011.04.05 04:41:00
- Everyone setup their ships different ways.I've set my nighthawk with a passive setup.officer fitted ...2011.03.19 13:16:00
- 2004 and yes you can check me out on eveboard if you think im lying ...2011.01.08 22:21:00
- Here is what the most op in the game.Noobs,saying things are op.its a freaking game.this game used t ...2011.01.08 03:01:00
- DED Connection not even in game,just has a place on the market. ...2010.12.24 19:51:00
- you are forgetting.the other ship that aren't shown on the Luxury Yacht ...2010.12.03 00:22:00
- i agree with the guy who started this post.Heck ive been training skills to lvl5 just to be training ...2010.12.01 22:04:00
- finishing up the last 6 rank 2 skills to still have half of the skill points from the lear ...2010.11.26 21:32:00
- i also salute this decision.being able to add skill points in other skills still have advantage over ...2010.11.25 13:20:00
- sorry to bust your bubble but this has already been done in eve.back when the game came out.if you h ...2010.11.17 22:10:00
- reached 100mill skill points today...241skills and 167 lvl5 skills ...2010.10.30 20:09:00
- its been 24 hours and still cant log in.i eve petition it and still no reponse ...2010.10.10 19:52:00

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