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- solved had to redeem the plexes to use them out of game haha EVE should make this clear rather than ...2011.04.01 07:31:00
- ISK received, Tried to initialise character transfer using 2 plex but website saying 0 plex availabl ...2011.04.01 07:25:00
- thanks but 5.5bil is the lowest and is very good offer ...2011.03.31 18:53:00
- Im in a rush but i wont accept anythign below 5.5b ...2011.03.31 17:31:00
- still nto sold and not been contacted again by best offer so back on the market guys, character read ...2011.03.31 17:24:00
- Nazgul Jr its yours if you complete the deal now otherwise still open for offers, i really need the ...2011.03.31 16:05:00
- for quick slae 6bil will se ...2011.03.31 12:12:00
- check me outIm looking for a quick sale, good all round pilot for mission running, plexing, caldari ...2011.03.31 11:57:00
- Edited by: EliteGuardian on 31/03/2011 11:58:01 Edited by: EliteGuardian on 31/03/2011 11:55:44 ht ...2011.03.31 11:54:00
- ok if not got better offer in 4 hours the sale is yours ...2011.03.31 11:36:00
- happy to meet in the middle at 6bil and we have a deal. im online now for the next 15 minutes if you ...2011.03.31 11:20:00
- Cahracter is now in NPC corp and in Hisec system ready for transfer. Want to sell today offers welco ...2011.03.31 10:29:00
- daily bump still available ...2011.03.31 10:00:00
- logging off for the night, just read the rules of sale again my bad character has to be in NPC corp ...2011.03.30 20:46:00
- Hey fellow Eve pilotsAnother fanfest done and dusted, been searchign youtube and google for news, vi ...2011.03.30 20:37:00

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