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- Was an honor being in your fleets. Sorry to see you go. ...2011.06.30 22:58:00
- Jailbait is the best Bait. C/d? ...2011.01.24 19:33:00
- Jailbait forever! ...2011.01.24 19:30:00
- Any update on CCP fixing this? Personally, I'm gonna go Rat instead of spending time in fleets de ...2011.01.24 19:00:00
- update: Went from 'no skill' to 'not enough skill to control a squad of this size' to 'bonuses from ...2011.01.22 22:06:00
- 'You do not have Leadership skill to control a squad' and a red 'x' on the bonuses. Gee, I thought ...2011.01.22 21:46:00
- Although I loved my old portrait, this is my new avatar. Now with more Blond Bimbo! ...2011.01.20 23:06:00
- What is it with the color schemes? CCP colorblind? Everything is brown or black. Seriously lame. ...2011.01.19 15:26:00
- FireEmpress is a PL spy who was creating alternate cap fleets, spamming intel channels and tackling ...2010.12.31 02:34:00
- Get Armored Warfare and get a Damnation. I doubt you'll ever regret it.I have an unprobable Legion, ...2010.11.29 17:13:00
- definitely need tabs with URSOKEWL caps only, support only, Seekreet stuffConfirming that I target u ...2010.11.09 23:09:00
- I agree totally with the OP. Pirate is indeed a offensive slur. That's why I personally prefer the ...2010.11.03 22:29:00
- But...But... who's going to give us our daily bonjour madame fix?o7 TCF ...2010.10.27 15:06:00
- We've gotten Snowballs and Snowball launchers a few times. IMHO the best gift CCP ever gave us. La ...2010.10.25 21:38:00
- The reason for lack of super cap fights has been lag post Dominion. Believe me, we'd be happy to h ...2010.10.25 21:36:00

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