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- Crashed to desktop again, and now it won't let you login. ...2011.08.10 00:54:00
- It's game over, man, game over! ...2011.08.10 00:39:00
- This sort of message comes along often, and I sometimes wonder if the odds they tell us are correct. ...2011.08.09 20:04:00
- Well, I like to mine, which helps. However to get the volume I need I look around and buy it in the ...2011.08.06 21:32:00
- The more I think about it, the more I know what a disaster it would be. WH pos's would no longer be ...2011.08.04 19:03:00
- This would be a very bad idea. I have maxed out my skills in ice mining and refining, and I have no ...2011.08.03 20:20:00
- Actually I've enjoyed reading the entire thread. :)Maybe toes will be more finger-like. Imagine the ...2011.07.24 22:31:00
- I chanced to "show info" on a star one day. The game, so rich in detail, had many facts about the su ...2011.07.24 20:30:00
- I have several BPO's for some of the things I make. I thought maybe as part of the graphic the ME an ...2011.07.10 21:41:00
- Sleepless (and down) in Seattle. ...2011.07.05 12:50:00
- PI Wormholes Agent Finder! (and simplifying agents) Invention POS Noctis Faction ships on mark ...2011.07.03 20:09:00
- In invention, you only produce BPC's, never BPO's. A ten run BPC for a T2 item is often the max poss ...2011.07.03 18:21:00
- I think you will find they are more expensive to make than you think. The prices out there are prett ...2011.07.03 18:11:00
- OK, so you cant work remotely straight from the POS modules, you have to work through an office. I d ...2011.06.30 20:58:00
- I checked some more things out. I can see the blueprints in my science and industry window, but only ...2011.06.30 20:45:00

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