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- It would be nice to see longer ranged scrambling, but the problem lies in how to implement it. Eithe ...2008.06.09 15:26:00
- The short range ammo is almost universally obsolete in front of the availability of faction ammuniti ...2008.06.09 15:21:00
- This makes sense - but are there any situations where a corp might not want the standings to change ...2008.06.09 15:17:00
- Online POS modules killed my inner child. ...2008.06.09 15:15:00
- It would make fleets more reliant on intelligence from players rather than from a box full of names. ...2008.06.09 15:05:00
- I have well over 20 million skillpoints, but it is because I branched out and developed industry, re ...2008.06.06 16:54:00
- The problem now is not Nos, I hear they work wonders with high cap use ships versus ships that do no ...2008.06.06 16:50:00
- I support the Nighthawk getting a boost to powergrid. I know the Absolution gets more grid than the ...2008.06.06 16:49:00
- I support this only if one of the Titans is reskinned to be Sinistar, so I can run around systems sh ...2008.06.06 16:28:00
- A mini logistics frigate would be kind of neat. Instead of the sig radius thing, though, maybe make ...2008.06.06 15:11:00
- I endorse this product and/or service. ...2008.06.06 14:53:00
- I like the idea, and support it being looked at. On the other hand, I do not think pilots should be ...2008.06.06 14:42:00
- i'll give it a +. redesign is needed, but i like the idea of burst weapon more. you shoot a lot, the ...2008.06.06 14:34:00
- I think this is a pretty good idea, actually. Not only does it give a valuable moon's starbase somet ...2008.06.06 14:27:00
- Not signed. If you don't want people to know you're piloting a ship, fit a cloak. If you don't want ...2008.06.06 14:18:00

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