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- Do you want to make web-based applications or desktop applications?For website stuff I'd recommend P ...2011.01.19 08:44:00
- What part of your code doesn't work?Posting what you have will help. ...2011.01.12 20:50:00
- Edited by: Arous Drephius on 11/01/2011 12:15:15 So my question is; If i own a post this another pl ...2011.01.11 12:15:00
- I expect the folks at EVSCO already have character pictures for pretty much any character that's eve ...2011.01.09 22:38:00
- I also use Linux, so trojans, keyloggers, viruses and back doors don't worry me. I can even open Pa ...2010.12.22 19:40:00
- LinkageThe EVE-Dev wiki also has documentation on the DB dump and other stuff. ...2010.12.18 11:50:00
- Drones cannot be ECMWeren't drones changed a while ago so you could jam them? ...2010.12.04 16:14:00
- If you're worried about accidentally trashing your ships, you can just drag them from your hangar to ...2010.12.01 08:39:00
- The problem with scanning WH which would let the dred through is already quite an issue (time consum ...2010.11.08 12:20:00
- Confirming that it's determined at the start.It's the only way it could be done, since a character w ...2010.11.06 00:19:00
- I wrote a forum system with API authentication built in as my A level computing project. It works, b ...2010.11.03 14:53:00
- So to get "the WH space all to yourself", all you need to do in go into a system and close all the w ...2010.10.29 19:23:00
- Try rebooting after you add to the hosts file. If the IP is cached then your browser m ...2010.10.22 14:38:00
- Wasn't sov meant to be a massive sink?Don't forget that this is a 24h snapshot, and sov bills don't ...2010.10.19 13:15:00
- The mapdenormalize table has what you want. Use the invtypes table to find the typeID of the differe ...2010.10.16 14:58:00

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