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- They work OK-ish.They work like a dead horse. It just doesnt make fun to use them, and if you liv ...2011.09.01 23:04:00
- They are re-re-starting the forums, so Evelgrivion please feel free to restart this thread and perha ...2011.08.29 20:02:00
- Insta's are only good for stations that you visit alot. When you go to alot of different stations a ...2011.08.16 08:48:00
- Edited by: Esiel on 16/08/2011 03:26:21 I know this isn't super important for most, but only one st ...2011.08.16 03:24:00
- They say it is on the list, if that is true please let us know where it is on your list of things yo ...2011.08.15 04:59:00
- Edited by: Esiel on 15/08/2011 04:51:19Anyone ever notice that the Typhoon looks alot like the badgu ...2011.08.15 04:47:00
- can someone explain what the difference between 46 and 75 are? ...2011.07.31 00:36:00
- Esiel,46,75,41,44,68,88 ...2011.07.31 00:34:00
- I'm pretty sure it's law to keep bumping this thread until we hit the 5 year mark, or CCP fix POSes ...2011.06.24 18:26:00
- Sorry this won't happen for 1 main reason. - ESBRThey might have a way to display some sort of troph ...2011.06.01 04:30:00
- So there is nothing anyone has to say about this?Did you read it? You don't go to links outside of ...2011.06.01 04:27:00
- Before I make up my mind if I like this new direction I have a few questions that haven't been answe ...2011.05.28 04:02:00
- (It has been a while sence I have visited the fiction area of Eve. I'm not sure if it was burnout o ...2011.05.25 22:26:00
- I request that salvage and tractor beams get a turret animation and that their effect (ray or beam) ...2011.05.15 21:44:00
- Dev's have this Q and A and still avoid this topic.I suggest if others are intrested in CCP answerin ...2011.05.15 21:03:00

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