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- BEFORE YOU POST: Please readPersonal appeals will be considered over copy and paste messages.Your co ...2011.07.02 18:21:00
- For the love of god, take this glorious vid off ****tube. Put it up on eve-files! ...2011.07.02 13:06:00
- Put them on eve-files and let us torrent them in 1080p or whatever best quality you can. Most of us ...2011.07.02 13:04:00
- on top! ...2011.06.02 07:49:00
- up she goes! ...2011.06.01 01:10:00
- bump! ...2011.05.29 20:22:00
- PVP is a must. I'm interested in very active low sec corps, or any kind of high sec wardec corp. Nul ...2011.05.17 13:36:00
- lol m8 if u knew who my main is ud be ****ting ur trouers. heres a hint:i fc in big alliance sub ros ...2009.12.17 13:03:00
- Chest beating words in a giant wall of words Don't you mean the Caldari victories? You had nothing ...2009.12.13 12:18:00
- Can't run it in WineHelper, so no playing it for me.Great..Same program that allows mac users to run ...2009.12.12 17:14:00
- Don't lose a T2 fit BS every day. Lose a T2 fit frig instead.LAUGHED MY ASS OFF when I read your rep ...2009.12.11 12:03:00
- Anyone else smelling a hint of troll in this thread? This one I would assume makes very good use of ...2009.12.10 15:09:00
- how do you mean, Celen? a) more fights? b) more missions? c) play more time?Because warpspeed doe ...2009.12.10 14:40:00
- thanks for the advise, but i already have the intel i needed and a bit more..Good luck in EVE Wolf. ...2009.12.10 14:32:00
- Can't run it in WineHelper, so no playing it for me.Great.. ...2009.12.10 11:34:00

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