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- look where? ...2010.01.18 09:29:00
- Take a minute to read over a bit of what we offer and see if you think your home! If you like what y ...2010.01.06 11:56:00
- haha no way, we don't like your kind round here! lol j/k you know the drill, hop in public channel, ...2009.08.13 20:05:00
- Supported Completely ...2009.07.29 01:38:00
- re-locating to stain soon and joining an all U.S. Time Zone PvP alliance that shares our viewpoints. ...2009.07.25 16:59:00
- Great group of guys here, I learned a lot from these guys from my stay with them and my over a year ...2009.07.15 17:14:00
- still need dedicated US pvpers, jump in channel for a chat or give me a convo, getting online now. ...2009.07.09 01:21:00
- We're still looking for like minded mature US TZ pvpers. No blobing, no bull, just kill hop into cha ...2009.06.27 21:14:00
- Members still growing, plenty of kills to be had here, just look at the killboard, find us in Crimso ...2009.06.20 21:47:00
- Edited by: Jordon Miles on 18/06/2009 02:19:22 bump on the fact that we ARE a purely pvp corp and w ...2009.06.18 02:17:00
- looking for pvpers, get in channel crimson empire. and have a talk with us ...2009.06.14 03:50:00
- thanks for all the great bumps guys We are still as always looking for pvpers whom like the idea of ...2009.06.11 23:29:00
- lol... nvm I just remembered... shut up and play hahaha forget I said anything. ...2009.06.05 00:12:00
- I know you from somewhere... I can't put my finger on it for the life of me but hey man look us up I ...2009.06.05 00:11:00
- Edited by: Jordon Miles on 13/08/2009 01:19:36 Edited by: Jordon Miles on 25/07/2009 17:04:59 Take ...2009.06.04 23:44:00

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