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- Update : 09/09/2011Looking for wormhole guides, recources, podcasts and blogs. So if you could mail ...2011.09.09 10:37:00
- As topic WTS C5 -> C5 No effect all pos fuels System empty has a direct high, will remove post i ...2011.08.26 20:14:00
- 1x for Splodger please ...2011.08.06 16:27:00
- I was left disapointed. Site doesnt load. ...2011.07.30 21:36:00
- Yes to numbers 2 and 3, assuming yes to number 1 but a 2nd opinion cant hurt. ...2011.07.28 20:14:00
- I might be interested but i would host it. Not neg. Evemail if u need as wont be checking back here ...2011.07.24 22:21:00
- Alot of variables, but there is no wrong answer, except if you have a Pulsar effect and use an armou ...2011.07.24 16:53:00
- Wormnav - LocatorWorks on players ending up in the wormhole your after wanting to give you a route i ...2011.07.22 23:40:00
- As topic, online for next couple of hoursFor Splodger ...2011.07.10 19:41:00
- For instance, MT for moving stuff from station to station. Not as an industrialist, not as someone ...2011.06.29 11:49:00
- ... Multiple probes speeds up the triagulation and identification process but doesnt assist in the ...2011.06.23 20:51:00
- What has changed is the displayed value of a signature, the signature itself is still the same size ...2011.06.23 20:13:00
- Edited by: Splodger on 23/06/2011 00:58:42 Do you know I actually looked at the clothes thought ver ...2011.06.23 00:58:00
- Edited by: Splodger on 09/06/2011 07:08:55 Yes, at 25% it will show what type it is so you can eith ...2011.06.09 07:08:00
- It is probably the Dynamic wormholes that are missing, might be worth exploring them out. ...2011.05.30 20:46:00

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