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- The passing of a good friend, great player and all around good guy. :( ...2010.04.19 20:20:00
- Happy B-Day and many more to come my gay friends. ...2009.08.18 18:58:00
- Wanna be drama maker. Keep it up... maybe you will improve. :P ...2009.08.07 17:17:00
- Excellent fight. Loads of fun. Laggy as hell in the beginning... but things smoothed out and it was ...2008.10.28 02:58:00
- Why would we go to Fountain when NC proves so feisty and yet incompetent at the same time? Heck at ...2008.10.02 19:40:00
- :P ...2008.09.29 20:27:00
- There's lag in eve? who knew? ...2008.09.29 13:29:00
- SHINWARRRRRR ...2008.07.11 18:02:00
- Edited by: abukede on 21/05/2008 02:28:06 Caught with the hand in the cookie jar. :P ...2008.05.21 02:27:00
- He got what he deserved, nothing more and nothing less. I have absolutely no sympathy for people wh ...2008.04.25 18:43:00
- Yeah... took me forever to keep him in that system with 10 other people who had no idea what was abo ...2008.04.22 14:56:00
- It is one of the best vids... ever. ...2008.04.20 12:54:00
- Eddy Hascal stole from VTIL... Shinra brought him pain and punishment. Enjoy this video... Karma Po ...2008.04.20 12:49:00
- Not if they crawled and had long distances to travel... say a mimimum of 20 jumps for a trade route. ...2008.04.17 15:44:00
- Trade NPC convoys that auto-generate once a trade agreement/pact has been settled upon bwetween neig ...2008.04.17 14:55:00

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