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- Happy BDAY NC. Party planned for tonight! We will all drink vodka, wear fufaikas and **** angry bea ...2011.08.12 07:25:00
- account info sent ...2011.08.04 10:16:00
- Where were u before DRF took over NC space? Why you haven't wrote a word when NC was alive? There's ...2011.07.21 13:25:00
- Dejavu? Wait, can it happen 4 times in a row? Coz this is 4th time I see goon propaganda before they ...2011.07.20 07:09:00
- Gewns losing space for how many times now? Can't stop loving their tears every time they are gettin ...2011.07.15 07:05:00
- Sad to see what it became after Manny left :( damn, HAVOC was a good corp though and I hope still i ...2011.07.13 06:45:00
- Looking forward to see Flumz DDing ships left and right in Deklein :DP.S. Oh Gewn, oh gewns what u ...2011.07.08 10:41:00
- Happy B.Day guys :) hope see you soon :) ...2011.07.08 08:36:00
- Edited by: Cyaron wars on 18/05/2011 09:26:52 Awesome video. Perfect editing. very high quality wor ...2011.05.18 08:06:00
- As always CCP managed to **** up my expectations. I was hoping they'll remove JBs for good, but they ...2011.05.17 06:34:00
- Bump ...2011.05.09 10:16:00
- Drakimor, Want to get a fight? open up your map, filter by security status, pick up any random dot ...2011.05.07 08:17:00
- It's all Argentinas fault!!!! ...2011.05.07 07:48:00
- Evol in Init. SirMolle's warchest wasn't spent as far as I know. I think we will see bob/kenzoku/it ...2011.05.06 06:37:00
- Free KarttoonWhat did happen to Karttoon? I guess I missed the memo. Same story as with sov bils, ...2011.05.05 07:24:00

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