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- around 22 minutes and a few times earlier, someone tell me why he is double tanking this fleet tempe ...2011.05.30 05:06:00
- Cybernetics 5, biology 5, just assuming you have all cap skills and nav skills to 5. and rigging for ...2011.05.28 11:29:00
- Loki for passive armor tank, can get well over 90, but try to get 95+ for EM/Therm, then paladin wit ...2011.05.28 11:26:00
- can u tell im mad? spent 3 hours using bombers to shoot an unstronted tower, to bait them into defen ...2011.04.24 12:52:00
- srsly 90% of 10/10s are scanned and run in the first hour of logging on, do you know how many people ...2011.04.24 12:38:00
- they knew that 1/2 the eve population was unable to log on. they did not have to investigate that mu ...2011.04.24 12:36:00
- i would like to let you know i was neither patient nor am i understanding why you would allow the se ...2011.04.24 12:31:00
- you gotta be kidding me ccp. thanks for fixing i can now log into nothing to do, glad i stayed up re ...2011.04.24 12:23:00
- They didnt figure out a fix to get online, its just some people were allowed preferential treatment ...2011.04.24 12:09:00
- confirming rebooting modem and restarting computer DIDNT WORK... ...2011.04.24 12:06:00
- CCP... planning on responding? planning on doing anything? you guys all on holiday for easter? nobod ...2011.04.24 11:56:00
- honestly CCP you owe me a carrier kill and a station kill now, glad i spent all night prepping for t ...2011.04.24 11:54:00
- RESTART THE SERVER SO I CAN GET ON! i want this station kill. i think its already too late. PS GJ OW ...2011.04.24 11:51:00
- wow and i am now missing the tower i spent 3 hours shooting with bombers before DT. now everyone els ...2011.04.24 11:46:00
- Edited by: Dankiss on 24/04/2011 11:41:38 im missing a carrier kill as we speak, thanks ccp. EDIT: ...2011.04.24 11:40:00

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