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- Edited by: Sakar Vahn on 05/12/2009 08:50:17 I believe thermal is just barely the best all around b ...2009.12.05 08:50:00
- Edited by: Sakar Vahn on 05/12/2009 08:41:48 On the uninterrupted bit, does that mean to get any bo ...2009.12.05 08:41:00
- So? Since it changes at down time have a dev say yes/ hell no to each request! ...2009.12.05 08:12:00
- Thats because the corps they war dec they just call pirate corps, when in reality they are the pirat ...2009.12.04 16:46:00
- It has been very easy for us to move in as a relatively new corp, not necessarily small. New corps w ...2009.12.04 16:40:00
- Edited by: Sakar Vahn on 04/12/2009 18:50:50 Remember to thumbs up! (The little check box down ther ...2009.12.04 12:42:00
- I like this idea! It would make smaller groups feel like they really own this space, and it's theres ...2009.12.04 07:56:00
- No dice, this would remove a lot of unique flavor from missiles. ...2009.12.04 06:46:00
- Vote for change! ...2009.12.04 02:51:00
- 1) Or just make it so the player has to accept medals but what ever have some one spend a day or two ...2009.12.03 13:31:00
- I agree don't nerf I'd say if you must modify the insurence payments just do it in 1.0 or make it pe ...2009.12.03 13:24:00
- More gas love FTW! ...2009.12.03 13:12:00
- I would say some minor changes at least no need to overhaul the whole freaking thing. Also letting u ...2009.12.03 13:05:00
- To all ideas, but at least the op one will get the ball rolling on more drone changes!(I like the re ...2009.12.03 12:59:00

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