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- you make light of the bpo/bpc change, joking of its obviousness.But from what Ive read over the year ...2011.05.17 22:13:00
- Edited by: Waaaaaagggh on 16/05/2011 14:12:08 so i guess it is confirmed then that lower sec status ...2011.05.16 18:31:00
- oooh, the TEARS from 0.0 residents... lol, oh much I love them!0.0 residents basically have access t ...2011.05.16 18:19:00
- So to sum up;- User banned - CCP Lol @ petition emails - CCP /ignore - user buys new account to p ...2011.05.16 09:15:00
- A devblog confirming (or denying) any action on RMT / BottersDidnt they already make a dev blog conf ...2011.01.07 10:46:00
- Ive tried the new character generation on Sisi and I have to say it sucks.There are no facial tatooe ...2011.01.07 10:22:00
- OMG 20 mil in 2 weeks! ROFLOMG, another one that doesnt yet understand, ROFL ...2010.06.17 12:55:00
- You can make that much in 20 minutes running anomalies in a marauder.This is why people suck at PI, ...2010.06.17 12:43:00
- Someone didnt get the memo.Dude... READ YOUR MEMO's ! by design PI wont begin to be profitable for ...2010.06.11 08:21:00
- hahahaI love the way everyone knows its changed and CCP just put their fingers in their ears and go ...2010.06.11 08:14:00
- You've also ****ed up the skill queue as well,I logged onto gate and it said I only had two hours le ...2010.06.10 15:34:00
- I expected more from you damn well know peoples response is going to be purely financial. ...2010.06.10 08:36:00
- Personally I find that every kind of contact with CCP is nearly always mis-understood, no matter how ...2010.06.04 12:08:00
- oooo! They found something for StevieSG to do! ...2010.06.04 11:57:00
- Edited by: Sade Onyx on 03/06/2010 08:57:44 You're not the only person here to start out in good ol ...2010.06.03 08:57:00

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