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- You cannot rough from storage to storage correct. ...2011.03.30 00:59:00
- Im down for t3 Destoryers ...2011.03.28 05:32:00
- Hey no prob even I make noob mistakes on occasion.Just for clarification:"my ship got popped" = Ship ...2011.03.23 04:40:00
- Dood we have the same storie, I played wow until I realized the grind was eating my soul so I came c ...2011.03.23 03:49:00
- someone stole from my can then podded me. almost pod-killed me also but I was able to dock. HOW did ...2011.03.23 03:44:00
- free bump for an awesome guy Sign me up! ...2011.03.06 06:20:00
- I prefer some with lower SP that at least can fly/owns an orca.Post here with links or contact me in ...2011.03.02 06:47:00
- Send me a mail in game Dead Bait. ...2011.02.26 07:36:00
- Contact me in game Qui I want to talk to you. ...2011.02.15 06:21:00
- That link is broken.Wormhole exploration is great fun..well it is for me it can be risky but the re ...2011.02.05 04:05:00
- I haven't Played Eve since 2006. I just resumed my old account have about 16mill isk and a few battl ...2011.02.02 02:35:00
- Edited by: Smart Bomb on 13/10/2006 09:59:52 Edited by: Smart Bomb on 13/10/2006 09:59:31It's inter ...2006.10.13 09:58:00
- Edited by: Smart Bomb on 13/10/2006 09:49:22 I agree, but would also like to add that the person's ...2006.10.13 09:45:00
- Missles allready got nerfed and I had 10mill SP in missles so all you that posted in here specially ...2006.10.10 11:28:00
- Id say slow the bombs down if anything and give a buff too the payload. If anything, allow them to c ...2006.10.10 11:22:00

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