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- charge whatever you want, if they are willing to pay you for it. but 5-10% would in most cases be ap ...2011.07.14 23:07:00
- Get used to your market. Look through every item listed. A good place to start is rigs, they don't ...2011.07.14 22:46:00
- As an industrialist. no I don't think miners deserve new tools. it sounds to me that you are bored w ...2011.07.14 22:07:00
- The other poster is right, it depends on what you are doing. I have been moving stuff around for a w ...2011.07.13 17:08:00
- Nope i don't do market pvp, I have patience. I try to match on buy orders (top buy @ 12,999.01 and i ...2011.07.11 20:44:00
- Depends, you should put a value on your time and real world currency as well. if you have 100 Plex, ...2011.07.11 16:22:00
- Well I have done something similar to what Celtru did. The only difference is I had a particular goa ...2011.07.07 19:28:00

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