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- Just used the service again, and it is still offering great value for your ISK. I can only recommend ...2011.05.15 09:33:00
- I like it. A lot. Also: In b4 flamewar. ...2011.05.10 18:08:00
- I just used the service and am very pleased. I can only recommend this to everyone, will definitly u ...2011.05.03 09:08:00
- Edited by: Delagos Almondis on 19/10/2010 11:23:01 DLing EDIT: I liked it a lot, just like your l ...2010.10.19 09:50:00
- I liked it a lot. And: WTF, permajammed by a blackbird? He had some lucky rolls, it seems. ...2010.10.14 11:58:00
- I dont know for sure, but I guess Avidemux can do that, and its open source. I am not using it thoug ...2010.10.12 16:46:00
- Edited by: Delagos Almondis on 11/10/2010 20:30:32 Without having watched it, I can already say: Th ...2010.10.11 20:13:00
- Oh yess, please. Missed the old ones by a few months, sadly. ...2010.10.08 21:58:00
- Hey,first off, I am pretty sure that this might have already been discussed, but I was unable to fin ...2010.10.08 21:55:00
- Like. But please, dont sell them via the eve store where you have to pay ~30 $ shipment costs for a ...2010.10.08 21:40:00
- NO.Because micro transactions tend to break games in the long run. It's only a small step from PLEX ...2010.10.08 21:37:00
- Edited by: Delagos Almondis on 06/10/2010 16:51:48 Nice.Altho can any1 remind me which movie was w ...2010.10.06 16:45:00
- Edited by: Delagos Almondis on 04/10/2010 17:22:28 I got tired of dnb and dubstep DLing EDIT: Nice ...2010.10.04 14:15:00
- Very Nice m8! 9/10! Would be 10 but you included local weapon sound effects, which are just terrible ...2010.10.01 18:14:00
- Which one(s) are realistic and could be probable markets? I fail at reading comprehension, it seems ...2010.09.21 22:10:00

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