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- Well the thread on can be found HereNot sure where it is on this forum.Funny that the ...2011.06.25 17:55:00
- An interesting popular scientific work on consciousness by a very reputable scientist can be found ...2011.04.26 12:24:00
- Stafen, you fail to realize that lag affects many, many people in high sec as well. It may not af ...2011.04.22 19:03:00
- Honestly, I'm still confused on why there is so much time being placed upon this?Last I heard only 1 ...2011.04.22 18:38:00
- Edited by: Stafen on 09/03/2011 12:49:33 symlink to an USB drive = no problem with slowdownsoh wait ...2011.03.09 12:48:00
- Thanks for the feedback so far everyone. The main thing to do for now is fire up sisi when the ch ...2010.09.28 23:24:00
- Like use the first two balls to get a number from 1 to 2500 via = ballone + 50 * (balltwo-1) Befo ...2010.09.07 14:48:00
- While it indeed seems like lottery scammers have gotten an easier time the reason why I did not go w ...2010.09.07 14:41:00
- This idea was originally tried in ultima online, and it failed as resources were hoarded.I recommend ...2010.07.09 13:33:00
- rum, women and loot! ...2010.06.20 14:46:00
- I suck at EvE as I play conservatively; not wanting to make any mistakes or to loose too much or fai ...2010.06.11 17:29:00
- Fresh from SiSi an hour or so ago.Just more Trit and Pyre in some mid ores. Ore Type R.Size Tritani ...2010.05.13 18:25:00
- I actually did the exact same calculation you did above yesterday, using a large POS to value to pla ...2010.05.08 13:08:00
- This topic deserves a reply, especially as I have been thinking of making similar spreadsheets mysel ...2010.05.01 19:13:00
- Well my guess is that the price of the carbide advance moon materials have been dropping like a ston ...2010.05.01 18:16:00

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