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- *Ahem*Good day. This is an official notice to those it may concern. I, Hitomi Ayame, am resigning as ...2006.12.12 07:17:00
- Hardly suprising that indeed they were under your thumb. Your meddling will not be forgotten.I shou ...2006.11.20 04:47:00
- My my, you're terribly quick.Yes, TH-EX withdrew from the conflict under my orders. Despite what the ...2006.11.20 04:21:00
- Edited by: Wrayeth on 17/11/2006 13:14:24Its not MY flash movie. I felt it was funny, thats all. Def ...2006.11.19 05:20:00
- Edited by: Hitomi Ayame on 19/11/2006 05:12:07Maybe he isn't a bitter individual but is infact someo ...2006.11.19 05:11:00
- I must say, my sentiments mimic those who spoke before me. To hear a pirate, traitor, and outlaw spe ...2006.11.18 04:43:00
- Warhammer 40k online! Someone! (too bad CCP didn't merge with Games-workshop, eh?)er.. http://www.wa ...2006.11.15 18:19:00
- Edited by: Marcus Druallis on 15/11/2006 05:28:03 Wtf is this? Also, where the hell is the new hyp ...2006.11.15 06:10:00
- 1. Initiatally for players (not corps or alliances) who can join an npc corp of one of the four emp ...2006.11.13 22:52:00
- I'd like to put up a POS for my corporation in the space owned by the Khanid Kingdom, specifically i ...2006.11.10 09:24:00
- Edited by: Hitomi Ayame on 10/11/2006 09:15:57 But I feel that the time when a group could start u ...2006.11.10 09:15:00
- Not only am I playing it, I'm playing it online.Aria Hideki Lvl 20 Hunter 1 Ranger 5 Force 2It's ...2006.11.09 08:19:00
- friggin' hilarious ...2006.11.08 08:36:00
- Hitomi, if they do come to the Kingdom....I will spare nothing to see that they do not make it very ...2006.11.07 21:43:00
- Edited by: Hitomi Ayame on 07/11/2006 18:01:28 In typical braindead Amarrian fashion you have cast ...2006.11.07 18:00:00

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