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- If focus firing where that important, we would lose many battles.We lose hardly any at all.Ergo, foc ...2007.03.23 22:20:00
- I logged on at about 20:00 evetime today. I was right on time to get in gang and move. I just docked ...2007.03.23 21:52:00
- You mean just like the intell leading to a pre-emptive downward appraisal of their relationship with ...2006.11.06 18:05:00
- 1) What divisions does your corp have? None2) Which division would you say has the greatest effect ...2006.03.22 08:58:00
- rofl"angineering to the bridge, come in bridge" Kirk > Yes Scotty what is it ? Scotty > Sir, I've ...2005.11.29 12:34:00
- My pvp mains dont use implants much, and never have had more then three at a time in their head.So I ...2005.11.07 11:40:00
- Edited by: Moneta on 08/10/2005 16:58:41 Blacklight hits the spot there.A future that involves new ...2005.10.08 16:57:00
- I don't get it.You all live in Lonetrek or near Orvolle or what ?Last time i've even seen a camp in ...2005.10.05 20:07:00
- I'd much rather see them split servers and make... This is pretty much my horror vision of Eve An ...2005.09.09 13:08:00
- Rod says they're good. ...2005.09.02 09:25:00
- I shoot people because I roleplay.The role I play does not involve NPC background stories or CCP mad ...2005.08.28 17:36:00
- Oooh, Kassad...Altho, did someone demote you or something ? I'm used to guys with a higher rank.Anyw ...2005.05.27 15:50:00
- I'm Rod too ...2005.05.24 21:18:00
- Oh, I think Sutty has a new mic, I can get hom to do some sound effects for you I think, if the pric ...2005.04.06 11:29:00
- is there war yet ?if not i'll come back at page 20 again. ...2005.04.05 12:04:00

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