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- Statement of Problem: Using bots to run complexes allows for the accumulation of large quantities of ...2011.08.23 23:43:00
- This is probably, in general, the best idea I've seen for making mining more difficult. It needs re ...2011.01.10 19:24:00
- Hmm. That's a neat idea...I'll have to see what I can bring. Maybe I can con granny out of some Ne ...2011.01.04 13:11:00
- What of this? am willing to allow for the fog of war, it ...2010.12.13 11:20:00
- I was on the field in my Tempest class battleship during the recent battle in Amamake and I was neit ...2010.12.13 03:11:00
- So does this mean that your forces will no longer attack anti-Sansha capsuleers responding to an inc ...2010.12.13 02:01:00
- Dammit, I just realized what I left out last night. Only a 66% chance of working, otherwise it's jus ...2010.10.08 13:40:00
- I hear you on the get out PVP free card thing.  That is certainly not my intent, indeed I expect tha ...2010.10.06 22:25:00
- I was thinking about how people in RL stick all sorts of random one-shot hardware on their vehicles ...2010.10.06 13:21:00
- Seeing as ORE always has access to awesome technology, it makes sense to me that ORE would develop T ...2009.12.27 22:12:00
- Whoa.What did those Caldari do? I mean, if they're captured spies or something, fine, but one of th ...2009.10.27 10:23:00
- I have no interest in restoring the status quo as it was a faulty system to start with. If nothing e ...2009.10.26 19:18:00
- Wow. I mine with some Caldari at work and none of them are anywhere near as contentious as these Ca ...2009.10.26 10:13:00
- My intent was not to create a police state, but provide for the defense of a nation that would, from ...2009.10.24 12:15:00
- I'd heard about this fetish spreading among female capsuleers in the Federation were they share fant ...2009.10.24 02:17:00

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