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- Thank you man. I have spent hours of looking for newer driver for my pc, that I thought it was wro ...2011.09.09 14:56:00
- Great idea. Awesome intention. :-J ...2011.09.08 21:30:00
- Hello CCP.I am one of the players of EVE online and I would like to aks you some questions, that I w ...2011.08.07 14:26:00
- really great game.(Is the end) ...2011.08.05 11:24:00
- Well, it may look like a mess, ´cause I can use just 4000 characteristics. I will format it, later. ...2011.08.05 10:00:00
- Edited by: Xaverkis on 02/08/2011 18:31:59PS: To the "EVE Forever" video. I think that it might be ...2011.08.02 18:33:00
- y done Battlefield 2142 – that is set in the future. I believe that they do little more with this ki ...2011.08.02 18:19:00
- Edited by: Xaverkis on 05/08/2011 11:23:16 Hello CCP.First af all, I want to tell you, that you hav ...2011.08.02 18:15:00

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