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- We have a US and EU presence so that bit would be covered. We are all sarcastic and can dish with th ...2008.11.23 11:27:00
- For something truly different give EXPLORATIS a try! ...2008.11.23 11:23:00
- Relaxed group having a great time! You are missing out if you aren't flying with us! S3dINSTBE is sh ...2008.11.23 11:22:00
- Still searching for pilots interested in exploration! Come check us out! ...2008.11.22 13:17:00
- Any explorers still out there looking for a home? We have a free breakfast buffet... ...2008.11.20 04:11:00
- Edited by: Syresh on 24/10/2008 03:24:43 Are we still recruiting? YES we are!!!Come take a look at ...2008.10.24 03:24:00
- Are we still recruiting? ABSOLUTELY!Come by our WEBSITE and register! No obligation to join! Come ta ...2008.10.22 11:46:00
- Time for a change? Give us a go!Brats and beer, cookies and cake, tums and pepto... we have it all!W ...2008.10.20 16:38:00
- If you want to join a laid back corp, with a great group of guys, give EXPLORATIS a shot. We operate ...2008.10.20 16:22:00
- Love the idea of this! I'll add to the pot!Contracted to The PitBoss. ...2008.10.19 09:51:00
- You would do yourself well to contact Agony-Unleashed and see what they have to say. Great group of ...2008.10.09 03:26:00
- Learn to explore and watch S3dINS eat muffins... does it get better than that?!Stop by the website a ...2008.10.05 17:31:00
- Come and check us out! EXPLORATIS. You could be an intregal part of a money making machine!Look forw ...2008.10.04 10:25:00
- For something different you could consider EXPLORATIS CORP. Definitely not a typical corporation. St ...2008.10.04 10:21:00
- Hiya Lootangel!If you want to come give our EVE outlook a go we would be happy to have you! SP requi ...2008.10.04 08:31:00

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