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- Ok then how about 1 day every month (excluding Mass Test days) players can choose a day within that ...2011.06.27 15:27:00
- Hydra! ...2011.06.19 21:31:00
- Not a bad idea. +1 ...2011.06.12 02:56:00
- And no way in hell Dust should be released on PC. First, there WILL be aimbotters, and noone needs t ...2011.06.12 02:54:00
- "Learn Your Vowels! A, E, I, OWN, U" -Pete15 ...2011.06.11 23:38:00
- I just don't see it working. We all know console players. They get a game, play it for 2 months then ...2011.06.11 22:52:00
- Yeah same problem here too. I have 2mil unallocated but when I pause my training, right click a skil ...2011.06.08 20:13:00
- I just heard about Armageddon Day 5 mins ago so I read up on it, this would be a great idea to have ...2009.07.31 21:05:00
- I'd like to be able to try out some weapons and some ships before actually training for them, hence ...2009.07.31 20:40:00
- Edited by: Pete15 on 31/07/2009 11:19:56 I actually agree with this to an extent, it's a test serve ...2009.07.31 11:18:00
- Or not ... would be good if they do. Or at least send me the link for buddy inv. and leave the probl ...2009.07.20 02:08:00
- This is annoying, I'm gettin the same problem. ...2009.07.18 23:39:00
- I sent a 21 day trial to my mate about an hour ago and he still hasn't received it yet, any ideas wh ...2009.07.18 22:36:00

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