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- Wolly headed thinking Yarod.We have no option but to join this fight, and on the side of our cousins ...2005.08.12 20:23:00
- Hey Tomas, how about that frig duel we never finished?Any room in the corp for an old Caldari nation ...2005.07.16 21:42:00
- Edited by: Jubba theMad on 10/05/2005 22:51:04 Concorde will only waste you if its a concorde convo ...2005.05.10 22:50:00
- Kaleigh my love, I'm not offened by this, I know you're just teasing me. I know I'm the only man yo ...2005.03.19 22:52:00
- This development is to be heartely welcomed by all Caldari.We Caldari are a capitalist society, and ...2005.02.24 22:21:00
- Often the interests of the state are best served by those who the state cannot support openly. Ofte ...2005.02.21 23:14:00
- Poor Jubba, his love for Kaleigh is ever misunderstood... ...2005.02.18 13:54:00
- Ahh Kaleigh, maybe one Valentine's Day soon I'll slice with joy the flesh from your bones and chuckl ...2005.02.16 22:41:00
- Hey! What am I? Chopped liver? Unless of course, you like liver . . . mmmmm.... chopped liver.. ...2004.12.13 20:31:00
- 500k on whoever's fatest.I think we'll go on a dinner date. ...2004.12.13 20:21:00
- Ahh, poor Nero, so many of our people have been seduced by greed and Galentte hedonisim away from th ...2004.12.12 20:58:00
- Lord Eidolon for GU President!Every right thinking Caldari should support him - not only is he a wor ...2004.12.12 20:35:00
- And to all our Matari opponents, respect!People who know what they are doing seldom tell the world a ...2004.12.02 22:03:00
- Stalker?I seem to recall there being a certain excited squeek in your voice last time you saw i was ...2004.12.02 21:48:00
- War on the Glamour Bunnies! Kaleigh jam for supper!Oh wait... that was that the secret Yuki was tel ...2004.12.01 23:12:00

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