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- Freighter also means you can haul up to 1 billion isk worth of stuff and not worry about being suici ...2011.05.26 14:46:00
- I clicked the link, but didn't bother to listen to more then the first powerpoint page. The reason i ...2011.05.23 15:34:00
- Edited by: Aeneidae on 17/05/2011 14:22:19 Over time i have established an industrial char with eve ...2011.05.17 14:21:00
- Edited by: Aeneidae on 14/07/2010 18:00:41 Great corp. :) ...2010.07.14 17:18:00
- Yesterday robotics SELL orders were 15999 and today's BUY orders are 16299, so that's an easy 15.000 ...2010.07.07 08:54:00
- Might seem like it now but with all these prices dropping it means people arent using them, you mi ...2010.04.08 06:49:00
- Good news is that JITA prices are TANKING big time: - iso down 54,x to 52,x - mex down 30,x to 28, ...2010.04.07 19:22:00
- In my limited experience, for items that move allot of units, 3 times a day is not enough. I update ...2010.03.11 14:38:00
- I haul daily about 500m worth of stuff in my Freighter. It seems pretty safe at that margin, however ...2010.03.10 09:29:00
- You also have the problem that nothing ever wears out in eve, something that CCP should implement ...2010.03.09 12:54:00
- Just to echo some of the opinions here in view of researched BPO's.A researched Drake BPO ME10 PE10 ...2010.03.08 17:33:00
- Edited by: Aeneidae on 04/03/2010 09:05:52 Update. This is how it actually turned out:I've speciali ...2010.03.04 09:03:00
- I still regret my 6 months of mining in an Exhumer 4 Hulk. Once i got into a T2 Raven and now a Gole ...2010.03.03 14:05:00
- Quick easy question: What channel are you all guys into(Breaker, Cosmo, VV, Raw, etc, etc)? Would lo ...2010.02.09 16:54:00
- Apologies for off topic. I would like to discuss a business proposal regarding your mining operation ...2010.02.09 10:09:00

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